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#1428 - Disquiet Lisboa

por Carlos Pereira \foleirices, em 26.06.11


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The Program

Pessoa Statue

Lisbon: the city of poets, sailors, and adventurers, where the Portuguese regard their great writers as national heroes: Camões, Pessoa, Sophia, Antunes, Saramago...
Lisbon: a city that has for centuries transfixed the world's greatest writers, Byron, Woolf, Fielding, Greene, Berger, and on and on, for centuries.
Lisbon: a city possessed of its own rich literary and cultural history as well as a thriving young literary and artistic scene.
Lisbon: a city whose unique melancholy, known as saudade, continues to inspire one of the world's oldest urban folk music traditions, fado.
Lisbon: the westernmost European capital just off the beaten touristic path, with world-class beaches to boot...
Lisbon: the host of Dzanc Books' International Literary Program in 2011.
What better place to spend two weeks in intensive and intense writing workshops with leading writers from around the world? Pessoa Statue

The ILP has two primary components: 1) Two-week workshops in Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction. 2) A Literary and Cultural program featuring contemporary Portuguese writers, lecturers, and thinkers as well as other events such as literary walks, film screenings, and excursions.

While our inaugural roster of North American faculty and guests includes three Pulitzer Prize winners and among the most compelling and interesting writers working today, we select our teaching faculty primarily on the basis of their strong reputations as just that: teachers of writing and the arts.

The ILP programming will take place at venues throughout Lisbon, which is easily and cheaply navigable by subway, streetcar, and bus, including the Center for National Culture, NOVA the New University, the University of Lisbon, the American Embassy, at the headquarters for the Luso-American Development Foundation and others.

The ILP is open to writers of all levels and all ages. We invite you to join us for writing workshops and an absolutely unique immersion in one of the mythic literary epicenters of the world.

Pessoa StatueThe Workshops

The ILP workshops are small groups of writers critiquing each other's work led by an accomplished writer. Workshops meet six times during the two weeks of the program. 2011 workshops are as follows:



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